Adult Cats Available for Adoption

Callling in advance is very helpful!.

The nature of our unique shelter causes us to develop special policies. We also require a $20.00 donation prior to meeting our cats, whether to consider adopting or simply visiting. Should you choose to adopt, your $20.00 will be deducted from the adoption fee. Should you choose to not adopt, we thank you for your donation which will be used to support our programs.Please understand we strive to provide all the information and appropriate amount of time you need to discover the right feline for you to adopt. Our sole goal is to make sure the feline you choose is happy and successful in your home.

Please view photos of our felines on our website, and telephone to talk about our available cats and learn our policies. Please allow us to answer questions. Thank you for understanding!

Our adoption fee for adults is $60.00.
All are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, de-wormed and micro-chipped.
Plus, they are tested for FeLV/FIV prior to being available for adoption.

Date of Birth: 1/1/12
Date of Photo: 3/2/15
Maddie is a sweetie.

Date of Birth: 6/1/10
Date of Photo: 11/17/14
Julie is declawed and probably prefers to be the only cat in the house. She likes to purr.

Date of Birth: 9/7/2012
Date of Photo: 10/29/12
Rambo is an absolute sweetheart.

Date of Birth: 6/1/13
Date of Photo: 2/15/15
Minetti is an easy going and affectionate male.

Date of Birth: 1/1/13
Date of Photo: 3/2/15
Very easy going. and handsome. Also big.

Date of Birth: 7/14/13
Date of Photo: 6/24/14
Beautiful cat. May prefer to be the only feline in a household.


Date of Birth: 8/24/13
Date of Photo: 9/20/14
Cindy is playful and would like be to a mouser. Her mother is Cynthia.

Date of Birth: 10/1/12
Date of Photo:7/28/2014
Cynthia is a sweetie and a good mouser.

Date of Birth: 9/18/09
Date of Photo: 10/24/14
Cleo is very affectionate. She has never been out-of-doors.

Date of Birth: 10/7/2012
Date of Photo: 10/2/13
Jerri would enjoy being able to go out of doors, too.

Date of Birth: 11/1/2013
Date of Photo: 10/15/14
Smitty only has partial sight, but he does not know he is limited. He is one of our favorites!

Date of Birth: 12/1/12
Date of Photo: 3/2/15
Harlow is gorgeous and curious.

Date of Birth: 11/18/13
Date of Photo: 6/24/14
Quirkie is a funny, different feline. She is her own person.

Date of Birth: 7/31/13
Date of Photo: 12/24/14
Sean is strikingly handsome and loving..

Date of Birth: 6/1/13
Date of Photo: 1/20/15
Scotty is loving and active.

Date of Birth: 1/1/13
Date of Photo: 6/1/14
Pesky is a tremendous feline and is easy going.

Date of Birth: 10/2/2013
Date of Photo: 1/16/15
Eastman needs to be treated tenderly. We believe he was neglected in his previous home before being abandoned.

Date of Birth: 7/31//13
Date of Photo:6/24/14
Shawn is easy going and shy at first..

We sometimes have more adult cats that need homes, too!

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